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Junk Removal St Petersburg

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Ready To Get Rid Of  Junk?

We are the experts in St Pete Junk Removal & Hauling

Got junk in the backyard? Well, then it would be perfect to talk to us as we, St Pete Junk Removal, are one of the best junk removal service providers, you will come across in St Pete. We understand that there is more to do than just throwing away the trash and depending upon the quantity of the junk it might even take more than a day or two to remove junk completely. We listen to our clients’ needs and strive hard to provide top-notch solutions to their project problems. We look forward to more than just satisfying you and hence, adopt and always improve our working tactics so that you go nowhere, but us when you look for junk removal near me, the next time. Our team has always been able to deliver the expected results to both residential and commercial clients. We promise we will make your renovation project memorable, just approach us.

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Planning for Junk and Debris Removal

Book us for all your junk and debris removal needs as we specialize in junk pickup through the state. We are a trustworthy and inexpensive junk removal company that would haul away every piece of the junk, sooner than you thought. Unlike many haul away companies, we don’t ask our clients to arrange for trucks and dumpsters to carry the junk. We are a reputed company and own every resource that is needed in the process of junk removal. Despite low prices, our cleaning will be extremely professional and the services will be friendly. Our junk removal specialists are exactly the people that you would want someone to hire. They will arrive on time, take away every piece of junk quickly. Every penny that you invest in us, will be worth it. So, anyone in the town who is currently hunting for junk hauling near me, don’t worry because we heard you.

Junk removal St Petersburg

Junk Removal Services

For junk hauling in St Petersburg, consult us as we provide full services of junk like hauling, loading, cleaning. We are one of those junk disposal companies which are customer-oriented. Your search for junk pick up near me won’t tell you that not all junk projects can be treated the same way. This is because junk type and size are not the same for every client. Owing to this, their junk removal needs differ, and thus the approach to handle their project also varies. If you select the right person for the job then you don’t have to worry about it at all as they’ll know what approach to prefer for your job. As previously mentioned, from home to office we undertake all kinds of waste projects except the one having hazardous waste. Have a look at a few of our services:

Furniture & Mattress Removal

Furniture & Mattress Removal

We provide efficient furniture and mattress removal experiences to our clients.

From home to office furniture, we tackle everything. You have just one couch or want to move the entire old furniture of your house, we are up for the task. Dining table, chair removal, desk removal, call us for anything. Mattresses are quite difficult to get rid of because of their weight. Also, dumping them into the landfill is a headache. However, you won’t have to deal with any such headache as we can work together. Partner with us to remove the old mattress that is taking away your peace.

Appliance Removal

Appliances don’t last forever, they either break down or stop working.

In either case, you might need to rely on a dependable service that would help you while disposing of. Not many people know that appliances, despite being broken, might have some parts that can be reused in other pieces of machinery or the entire machine can be donated to someone in need. We are a sensible citizen, henceforth, we make every effort to make sure if the items are reusable in any way. If yes, we donate it to the needy or resell it for you.

Appliance Removal

Yard Waste Cleanup

Yard Waste Cleanup

Yard debris like twigs, branches, clippings, etc might be light in weight

but they can be annoying when they are in more quantity. You have a small lawn with some flower pots or a larger garden with bigger trees, we will help you trim them and keep them clean. Our St Petersburg waste removal team will arrive at your convenient time and collect all the garbage from your yard. Know that we even take extensive landscape projects, perform spring cleaning, and dispose of other waste materials that get piled up in the yard. We will leave your place all good to go for a barbecue party.

Hot Tub Removal

As much as you love your hot tub, unfortunately, you have to let it go someday.

We offer all kinds of jacuzzi and spa removal services into clients’ budgets. Hot tubs must be removed with great care. Right techniques and tools must be implied to get the expected results. Our haulers take an extreme level of care so that no harm to the walls or other parts of the property is caused. So, if your hot tub no longer gives you a cosy feeling, then call us to transport it to a junkyard. Trust us, the cost will be extremely reasonable.

Hot Tub Removal

Construction Debris

Construction Debris

As more and more people are shifting to St Petersburg, the need for housing and land

is increasing day by day. As a result, a ton of waste is generated whenever a new construction project commences or an old building is demolished. Our construction debris removal St Petersburg team is on its toes to help your development firm to succeed in its construction project. Our team is well-trained and wise enough to treat your waste problem effectively. We know how dangerous it can be to leave construction waste unattended for a prolonged period which is why we offer the same services as well.

Clean Out Services

Cleanout services are one of our specialties. In fact, property cleanups

and estate cleanouts are one of the most requested services that we receive from clients. Most of the cleanout jobs demand greater manpower to complete the task. Equipment, further, plays an essential part to get the task rightly done. We, at St Pete Junk Removal, have got everything that is required to finish the job. Sufficient labors, the right tools, enough experience, etc. You can consult our services for any clean-out jobs like boat removal, storage unit clean-outs, hoarder clean-ups. To know more about cleanout dial our number.

Clean Out Services

“ I had loads of furniture to move into my new house. Since they were branded and quite expensive, I was looking for someone reputed. My neighbor asked me to consult St Pete Junk Removal as he had a very good experience with them. I am glad I chose them, they did a wonderful job at a very reasonable junk removal cost. ”

– Brenda W.

“ I give them 10/10 for fairness, professionalism, and excellence. The work was done with extreme perfection. Without a doubt, they are the best junk removal St Petersburg, FL, I have ever come across. I’m extremely satisfied with the end results and their charge. There is no way I will ever consider any other junk removal company for my future junk removal needs”

– Jerelyn M.

“ I called them to throw away my bathtub, but they suggested reselling it. Not only this, they even found a trader for me who offered me a wonderful deal for it. My husband praised me a lot for hiring them. They are amazing! I would recommend it to any of my friends if they want an amazing hauling near me”.

– Rob P.

Junk removal St Petersburg

Why Choose St Pete Junk Removal?

Anybody who is searching for junk hauling near me would want junk cleaners who would handle even the toughest disposal with extreme ease and efficiency. Our hard work and services have helped us earn the trust of most of the homeowners in the town, and it doesn’t stop here. Big or small, all kinds of business owners look for our junk pick up services first when in need. We don’t stop until we make you happy by giving you the exact thing that you had asked us for. We value time, consequently, we are always eager to finish our projects on the given deadline. This is one of the reasons that our clients always leave positive feedback for us. We are licensed and hence, are legally certified by the authority to do this work. We, further, are completely insured so you don’t have to worry about covering the cost of any damage, in case, any accident occurs while working. We will send our St Petersburg junk removal team to your location to determine the junk type, other details and offer an estimate. If you agree, then all you have to do is sit back and watch us haul away the junk.

Junk Removal

Affordable Junk Service And Reasonable Rates

Are you wondering, how much does it cost to haul away junk? Well, definitely not much at St Pete Junk Removal. Everybody would want a cheap junk removal, irrespective of the size of their project. We have been doing this job for decades, so we know that money is a matter of concern for almost everyone in need of junk disposal. As a result, we have various plans and packages of junk removal services depending upon the needs and projects of our clients. The packages have different services according to the trash, however, each of them is designed to have an affordable junk removal price. We still recommend you to note down the junk removal cost, product quality, customer reviews of other companies and have a detailed comparison of these factors to draw out the right conclusion. We bet it will be our name on the top of the list. Try it!

Junk Removal

Types of Junk We Take

Removal of junk will no longer be a daunting task because when it comes to junk hauling in St Petersburg, St Pete Junk Removal accepts all types of waste that are generated from home and business owners. Just let us know what you want us to pick up, any large item from the basement of your house or you expect a full building cleared out, we will do that. Big or small, we operate with full dedication. We carry away appliances like dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines, Electronics like TV, old desktops, and other e-waste. In addition to this, we remove carpeting, do flooring as well. Our junk removal St Petersburg team is extremely efficient with the furniture removal process. There will be no damage to any of your walls. For construction waste, you won’t find anyone better than us since we take everything like wood, sheetrock, drywall, tiles, concrete, asphalt, plasters, rocks, asbestos, etc. We even clean the mess that is created by junk hauling so that you don’t need to waste your useful time by sweeping the leftover dirt and debris from the floor. Also, while disposing of junk items into the landfills we strictly follow junk pickup and disposal laws so that no harm is caused to the environment. These were the few common items that we remove for clients, we still have a lot more on the list, to know what other kind of waste we haul and what are the charges for pickup, talk to our junk removal St Petersburg team.

Frequently Asked Questions


If you have got junk to remove, then you might need the help of professionals to haul it away. Of course, we know that you would want a reliable and experienced company by your side. Someone reputed who will give you a smooth junk removal experience. However, you don’t know about them since they are strangers, and if it is the first time that you are calling a junk company then you would have zero knowledge of the junk haulers and the entire process. Not to worry, since we have listed down a few questions for you to begin with. Check here:

How much are junk removal services?

We know that the word you are expecting here is “Cheap”. However, cheap isn’t always the right solution as it is possible that the local contractor who is offering you a lot of work to do for a lesser price is an amateur. He might not have certificates or the right tools to safely remove your belongings. So, when they offer their packages, do not just agree immediately, especially when their prices are lower than the average prices. Do a little research on their reputation. To avoid discrepancies, it would be better to call them for junk inspection and get an estimate.

How much does Got Junk charge to remove junk?

The question, how much does 1800 junk cost is mostly asked by clients when they talk to someone from the consultant team for the first time. It is difficult for any hauler to come up with a quote by just listening to the details on the phone. However, they usually charge on the volume that has been taken up by your junk in their truck. They might be able to tell a rough estimate for single items on the phone, but there is no guarantee that the price will be the same after verifying the items which you want to remove.

How does junk removal work?

The process is extremely simple. The moment you feel like you need to dispose of the junk, you need to contact us. Now, you don’t have to visit our store for that purpose as we provide online junk services, as well. You can fill the inquiry form or simply call us on our number. Our operator will get back to you within a few minutes for scheduling an appointment to assess the junk. Once our workers reach your place, they will look over your waste materials and provide a cost. If you agree with it, they’ll start working.

How much does junk removal cost?

A lot of computation is required to be done before coming up with an actual price. Unless we get information about the junk items which you wish to throw, we can’t give a word on the actual estimate. This is because, any junk company would make use of a truck for junk hauling and as mentioned previously, it needs to be determined how much space your junk consumes. Additionally, permit charges needed to be included since certain locations are strictly prohibited from disposing of the garbage. There are other factors as well which are needed to be considered while quoting.

Do junk removal companies take paint?

Junk removal companies do not accept paint if it is in wet form. This is because the paint is considered one of the most hazardous wastes. Dumping wet paint causes harm to the environment which is why being environmentally conscious we don’t appreciate spilling it into landfills. Further, there are strict laws regarding its disposal. However, a few companies in the town have accepted taking the paint in the dry form. So, you can turn the wet paint into a dry form easily. Certain methods, for the same, are available on the internet and some of them are easy and faster as well.

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Want to quickly get rid of junk? Hire St Pete Junk Removal, and forget completely about it. You can get free estimates for your project or get help with all the questions about the junk that you have in your mind. Talk to our operator by dialing these numbers on your phone (727) 334-0916. Call us anytime you want because we work 24/7 so that everyone in the town sleeps peacefully. Reach us by filling the details in the inquiry form or drop your queries on our email address and get the best St Petersburg cleaning service. We will give you a prompt reply, so ping us now!

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